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Sparks, Georgia

Top Quarter Horses from Two Eyed Jack Bloodlines

Welcome to Spring Hill Farms Quarter Horses.  We appreciate your visit and the opportunity to share information about our program with you.  We have a small breeding program of quality, performance bred quarter horses. We are located in south central Georgia, about 50 miles north of the Florida state line, between Tifton and Valdosta, just off I-75.

Growing up on a small farm in South Georgia, I acquired an appreciation for all types of livestock and, at an early age, developed an appreciation and great love for horses.  Many pleasurable days were spent horse back riding on our farm, on trails and down dusty dirt back roads.  We were in the registered cattle business for many years and because of my life long interest in horses, I decided to start a small breeding program of quality,  performance bred quarter horses.  In the late 1990’s, I added my first mares.  With the desire to expand my program, and after a lot of research, I located a long time breeding program in the Midwest.   Great emphasis was placed on athletic ability, conformation, proven performance, temperament and strong maternal lines.  From the top of that program, I selected five fillies in 2006 and I selected four additional fillies in 2007.   In 2007 I attended the Pitzer Ranch Fall Sale in Nebraska and selected two weanling fillies sired by Joe Jack Red.  These eleven fillies matured into beautiful, productive broodmares and became the foundation of our breeding program.                                               

Over the years I have owned and bred four stallions; two sons of Two Eyed Red Buck, a son of Joe Jack Red and a son of the 1983 Super Horse, Mr. Baron Red.  These stallions were the perfect cross on my high percentage Two Eyed Jack bred mares.   We have been extremely pleased with the foals from these crosses.  They possess a lot of pretty, great temperaments, are easy to start and train, very athletic and have great minds.   We are primarily a breeding farm, so most of our foals are sold as weanlings, yearlings or two year olds.  Please take a few minutes to look over our website.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.  Visitors are always welcome here at Spring Hill Farms.  Again, thanks for your visit.

Larry Myers

Spring Hill Farms Quarter Horses Established in 1990

​Spring Hill Farms Quarter Horses